2020 Online Summer Music Workshops

Stay connected and learn about music while Berkshire Lyric's concerts and rehearsals are on hiatus.

Three separate online courses (via Zoom) starting the first week of July and running for six weeks total. Each of the 3 courses meets for 1 hour a week,  with each course on a different night. 

Free to current donors and all Berkshire Lyric Singers (Berkshire Lyric Chorus, Lyric Children's Chorus. Melodious Accord, Ubi Caritas,

OR, free if you become a new Berkshire Lyric member now with a donation of $50 (Friend) for any one workshop or

$100 (Contributor) for all three courses.

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The History and Development of Western Choral Music, Palestrina to Whitacre.

Mondays from 7:00 to 8:00 pm, starting  July 6

led by Lyric's Artistic Director Jack Brown

    July 6          Renaissance:  Palestrina &  Byrd 

    July 13        Baroque:  Bach & Handel 

    July 20        Classical:  Haydn & Mozart 

    July 27        Romantic:  Schubert & Brahms 

    August 3    20th Century:  Vaughan Williams & Ives  

    August 10  21st Century:  Arvo Part, John Tavener & Eric Whitacre



Music Theory Fundamentals and Sight Singing Workshop

Tuesdays from 7:00 to 8:00 pm, starting  July 7

led by Lyric's young Composer in Residence, Anson Olds

    July 7          Music Fundamentals

    July 14        Foundations of Western Harmony

    July 21        Intervals

    July 28        Diatonic Harmony

    August 4    Cadences, Secondary Dominants, and Modulations 

    August 11  Review / Q&A



The Home Music Studio: Using the New Technologies for Teaching, Practicing and Recording

Wednesdays from 7:00 to 8:00 pm, starting July 15

led by Lyric's long-time accompanist/arranger and jazz pianist Joe Rose 


      July 15       Course Overview and focus on software applications applied to teaching and practicing (Audacity and Transcribe)     

      July 22       Audio recording basics — microphone selection and placement, “gain staging” , computer audio interface use    

      July 29       My favorite DAWs (digital audio workstations), using the main features of Studio One and Reason        

      August 5   Introduction to classic electronic sound synthesis. Basic history and concepts of subtractive synthesis; hardware and                               software synthesizers

      August 12  My home instrument menagerie, from harpsichord to theremin. Basic demos and brief histories. 

      August 19  The studio in action: multitrack recording of an original etude.